Expression Puzzle Building Blocks Game

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Your Blocks can build a large number of face expression (sad, happy, angry or a little bit of everything). It changes every time you flip one; so you need to pay attention and think quickly to be the winner.


Goal of the game

Race to put together the faces pictured on the challenge cards using your 3 blocks. The first player to correctly replicate the face wins the card. The first one who gets 10 cards will win the game!


Setting of the game

Shuffle the cards and put them in a face down in the center of the table.

Each player takes 3 Blocks of the same color(2 square + 1 rectangular)


Playing the game

To start. The youngest players flips over a challenge card at the beginning. Then in the following rounds, players take turns flipping over the cards.

Adjust the position, and put the upward side into the corresponding pattern to match the expression on the challenge card. This means you might have to stack blocks on the top of each other! When you think you have successfully completed a challenge, place your hand on the challenge card.

If you are right, you win the game and this challenge card.

The game ends when one player has collected 10 cards. He/She wins the game!


Great Toy Gift for Kids

The Blocks and Cards are cartoonish and childish, and the sturdy packaging box make it easily portable. Children often play with their friends. This wooden toy can support 1-4 children to play together. so it is a great family members as well. Your family will love this Game.


Made of Eco-friendly Wood

The expression puzzle building blocks are made of eco-friendly wood covered with smooth and safe water-based paint which is odorless and non-toxic and perfect for children to play.


Attract Children’s Interest

Wooden puzzles building blocks Game has four color blocks. Each side of the blocks has a different cartoon expression and there are 50 cute emoticons on the directive cards. It looks very interesting so it can quickly arouse your child’s interest.


Great Interactive Game

The game is suitable for 1-4 kids and is a great interactive game. Kids take one card and build the blocks according to the reference. The one takes the shortest time wins.


Enhance the Relationship with Your Kids

Parents are often busy working and cannot accompany their children often. This Game is a very good medium. You can play together and enjoy and have quality fun time with your children while overcoming challenges.



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